Trouser Press P650

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Model P650 Trouser Press is meant for the perfect finishing of classic trousers with crease. Compact and immediately straightforward machine, allowing anybody to achieve brilliant results, even without professional training. Simple machine for high productivity. Upside down trouser positioning, to prevent pocket marks. The middle plate comes out automatically for garment positioning, both to make the operation easier and to prevent double crease effects. The vacuum function in the middle plate allows the operator to perfectly position any kind of trousers, including the most difficult ones. Computer for machine operation with storage of 9 finishing. programmes and piece counter. Adjustable crease starting height. Waist form with iron for possible touch-ups. No scalding hot parts towards the operator; all the pressing operations take place inside the machine. Possible work set-up for two operators, for further production increase. Price Guide From £20500.00


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Probably the best investment I made !!!!

E L Laundry/trading as Green Leaf Laundry

I bought this Trouser Press through SD Save, before buying they arranged for me to visit Italy where they were built. I had a lot of issues finding good pressers since I have installed this machine, I no longer rely on experienced pressers as the finishing on this machine is brilliant, it takes less than a minute to press the trouser, some trousers may need some common touch-ups. Anyone can be trained to use this machine in a matter of minutes.

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