Washer Extractor 100kgs ---CE Approved

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Laundry Machinery/Industrial Machinery/Auto Steam Washer Extractor for Hotel Using/Xgq-100 1. The automatic fully washer extractor are usually used for hotel, restaurant, hospital, school, etc. Its capacity is from 15kg to 130kg. 2. Automatic fully washing and extracting machine, easy to operate and it gathers the washing and extracting these two functions together. The whole machine are made of stainless steel, without rust and extend the service life of machine. 3. Automatic microprocessor computer control, can be programmable by any purpose 4. Adopt the international latest complete suspension structure to reduce shock, it can ensure an ideal proof-shock effect even on high floors 5. It is with a single door structure convenient to loading or unloading, and reduces the labor intensity and improves the clean level 6. With fully-closed and rear-drainage structure, it is good for environmental protection 7. Steam or electrical heating, you can select as you need


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